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Why is the cosplay costume so expensive now?

COSPLAY A set of better clothes will cost thousands of dollars. For many people, I don’t understand why COSPLAY clothes are so expensive.

Why is the cosplay costume so expensive now

I personally think there are some reasons for this:

First, the practical value of COSPLAY clothes is low
Some people may ask, what is the relationship between use-value and expensive?

In fact, wrong, for example, you buy ordinary clothes for $1,000, but you can wear it for half a year, you certainly won’t feel it is expensive.

Why is the cosplay costume so expensive now

On the contrary, COSPLAY clothes are only a prop, and a high probability is a one-time use prop.

In this practical convenience, natural feeling COSPLAY clothes are expensive.

Second, most COSPLAY clothes are customized

This is also a no-brainer. After all, it is impossible to “mass production” of such clothes.

Considering that most COSPLAYs are equipped with a large number of props, the clothes must match the COSER perfectly.

Therefore, it must be customized. If it is an unpopular character or a character that has just appeared, the tailor may also be a project of clothing design, and the price will naturally not be compressed.

Third, many Cosplay clothing small factory cost pressure

In fact, Chinese clothes are already very cheap compared to the United States, and small factories that make Cosplay costumes have to face some embarrassing problems.

Why is the cosplay costume so expensive now

Strictly speaking, the clothes made by small factories belong to the “three no products”. If the luck is not good, some people report and implement them. They have to be removed from the shelves and cannot be sold.

In addition, there are too many warehouses in small factories, and Cosplay costumes can’t be sold in theory. The result can only be treated as waste.

If the customer says no, in theory, the clothes will not be used anymore, which is also a loss.

With such a big risk, the natural cost will not go down.

Finally, let’s say that playing Cosplay costumes is still a matter of doing things. If you don’t have the money, you have to pay for it.

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