About the Film

“CosPlay, CosPlay!” is a documentary project that centers around something we can all relate to snatching the chance to be someone else, but if only for a weekend.

Every weekend across the country, thousands gather at convention centers to salute the subculture of Cosplay. Cosplay is short for “costume play” and involves the emulation of fan’s beloved heroes from animation, video games, pop icons, and countless other avenues. Cosplay is a wonderful, almost performance art style that demands dedication to the craft but in the end, the final reward is in the enjoyment you feel. As one cosplayer put it: “if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right”

Yet, the culture goes far beyond a mere statement of artistic expression. Of course, fandom plays into it, but there is an underlying emotion, a feeling, of the cosplay life as “home”. The film shows all the passion, humanity, heartache and eccentric tendencies of the culture and relays it to most experienced cosplayer and the most curious of outsiders. It plays to the universal need for carefree fun in all of us.

James Winston is a 23-year-old filmmaker newbie living in DeKalb, IL (about an hour our of Chicago). He has a wonderful wife, Katy, who is a local artist (cosplayfilm.com). Also on board, casa de James are two cats named Peter and Mr. Bennett (you’ll probably get the Heroes reference).

Originally from Arkansas, he decided to try adventure and excitement by leaving The Natural State for a while to actually work on a documentary: a dream of his that is finally coming to reality. Adventure came, but also with it: SNOW. Lots of it. As he tends to be in a perpetual state of flu-like symptoms.

He’s not into costuming himself. The distance from the culture allows for a more interesting view of the world. Don’t worry, he’s not in it to make fun of you guys (the massive collection of Star Trek action figures in his closet is insurance against that). Feel free to contact him and let him know how life is going and PLEASE give him pointers. Maybe you’ll see him at a convention really soon!

Below is an ever-growing list of credits. Maybe you’ll find your name on it soon!

James Winston – Director

Alex Cope – Producer

Chase Budziak – Producer

Katy Bisby – Production Assistant

Kelly Johnson – Production Assistant

Alyssa Wells – Production Assistant

Kyle Yonkers – Camera Work

Daniel Green – Camera Work

Miles Pfefferle – Camera Work

Joel Rogers – Original Music

MC Peezy – Original Music

Grant Johnson – Original Music

Zach Lowe – Consultant

Lorraine Grates – Consultant